Elliot and Olivia

"I'd give you a kidney."
"Not if I gave you mine first."

Here's every little thing related to Benson & Stabler of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. They're sexy so they're together in my head, okay?!


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Here’s tne new “Woman Crush Wednesdays” promo featuring Mariska Hargitay, Debra Messing, & Sophia Bush

Looks like they’re ready for us … let’s go have some fun, ladies! 

My heart can only take so much 💞


Peter Hermann’s Ice Bucket Challenge Part 2

Mariska the instigator/enabler! Yas! Plus that red tub has like 3 buckets worth of ice water which is just cruel! Hahaha


Peter Hermann’s Ice Bucket Challenge Part 1


Anonymous murmured: I know ALS Ice bucket challenge is to raise money for an amazing cause, which is great. But when I see Chris & Mariska I only think of a wet T-shirt contest. God help us.

I’m sort of disappointed/surprised that Mariska didn’t even mention ALS in her video intro … considering that she’s all about awareness for good causes! I know that she hash tagged it but someone watching it on a site other than instagram wouldn’t see that.


Another view of Mariska doing her challenge! (From @dinarama on instagram)


Raúl did the ice bucket challenge and I’m still on the floor crying after watching it for the hundredth time!!!!
How can a man be this cute and perfect?!?!?!?!?